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Norino Extension Milan

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The Pink Dot as a support of the beauty of a woman

The hair represents a part of the identity of each woman, which contributes in an important way to define her beauty. Temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy therapy is a particularly delicate and difficult time. Women who are experiencing this discomfort in addition to dealing with a delicate health problem, are at risk of seeing their personal image attached hard, as well as their femininity.

The Rosa point of Norino Extensions in Milan includes a series of highly specialised services aimed at supporting the beauty of a woman who has to face cancer treatment. The services are many, but the goal is only one: to take care of the customer, with professionalism and sensibility, during a very delicate period of his life usually characterized by the appearance of unpleasant side effects among which the loss or thinning of the hair.

How the treatment Works

The service wants to support the client during all the oncology therapy, providing different treatments for hair before and after chemio, in order to help it both from the aesthetic and emotional point of view. The program provides a specialized and tested treatment that is accomplished through the use of different devices and products, all based on adequate cosmetic prevention that avoids the use of non-toxic products, in order to preserve the health of Customer and the well-being of the operator.

The first phase of the treatment concerns the grafting of the wellness device, a semi permanent device that can prevent the customer from the trauma of seeing his hair lose and experiencing vulnerability in public display, fearing the external judgement. The plant is grafted with 3T IONIX technology and requires a hygienic maintenance phase every three weeks. The device, using membrane technology, allows the customer to lead a normal life without giving up their habits and the regular lifestyle.

Hair Regrowths

The treatment of the hair after chemio, continues with the replacement of the previously applied graft. In particular, after about three months from the beginning of the program, when the length of the hair has reached 3 centimeters, it is possible to proceed with the installation of the Microline technology “One Shot” or of the technology Quickkies.

  • The MicroLines method of Haidreams is a real hair extension technology that foresees the use of “bondingring” elements realized through the use of a special polymer that allows the microline to integrate with the natural hair of the customer. Without attacking them and ensuring at the same time an optimum seal.
  • The Quikkies of Hairdreams are adhesive clamps made with a special and very light microfibre fabric, to which are attached more strands of real hair of the best quality. They are the ideal solution for coloured locks, but also from the natural shades. And all without chemical products.

Finally, when the length reaches 10 cm it is possible to apply only the extensions.

Il Metodo MicroLines per l’infoltimento dei Capelli.

Punto Rosa: A specialized staff

The Salone Norino Extension Milano is the only center in Italy able to offer complete assistance on hair, aesthetic oncology, nutrition and motivational counseling. In fact, it has a specialized staff with very high technical preparation and great human and empathic values, which works in synergy with the oncological aesthetic team to find the best solution so that the client can regain the compromised image and A sense of normality.

The professional figures within the pink point of Norino Extension Milano include:

  • Specialized Parucchiere Pink dot.
  • Oncology Beautician Diplomata OTI.
  • Nutrizionsita specialized in anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Motivational Counselor.

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