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Hair Thickening

Special Extension - Milano

Hair thickening

Norino Extension Milano is a reference point for the services of hair infolcompartments based on the use of real hair. The salon, through the use of the Volume system Hairdreams, manages to solve the increasingly frequent problems of loss and thinning of the hair.

These problems characterize in sensible ways both the male and female universe. It is the woman who particularly suffers a situation of loss or thinning both in the aesthetic aspect and in the profile of the inner wellbeing.

The technical approach of the Salone Norino starts from the enhancement of the existing situation, that is to say of the real hair, and through a study system and an innovative hair thickening treatment succeeds in producing results that give more quantity and quality To the hair in order to make them healthy, bright and full of volume.

The consultancy and the treatment of infoltimento take place in complete respect of the emotional panorama of the customer. The latter will be welcomed in a protected environment and will be assisted by skilled personnel, endowed with the highest technical preparation, and able to work through a strongly empathic approach and emotional support at all stages of the process of Infoltimento.

Issues that we solve

Hair miniaturisation

The last stage of hair life characterized by subtlety and limited length

Thinning hair

Thinning hair due to hereditary, hormonal or stress factors

Loss of the Masses

Increase or acceleration of hair loss especially in the female field

Thinning hair

Environmental, nutritional or hormonal factors that cause hair thinning

Dull or opaque hair

Hair dryness or loss of gloss with more hair opacity

Special Extension - Milano

Microline System

Thinning of hair in women is increasingly frequent, often caused by hormonal transformation or androgenic alopecia. Unfortunately, in addition to hair loss, there is also a fall in self-esteem. Having a voluminous head with healthy and bright hair is the dream of every woman, especially those who have thin or strongly thinned hair.

The solution for a return of the volume effect, able to donate femininity and beauty, offers the Norino Extension Milan salon through the Service of Excellence: Microlinea System, extensions of real European high quality hair that are applied in the upper part of the head. Hairdreams Microline is a hair-thickening system that offers women the opportunity to conduct a normal private, sporting and social life. The person is free to be able to go to the spa, the pool or the sea, to accompany his son to school or to go to dinner with his partner without experiencing any embarrassment for his thinning hair.

The consultancy and the application in the salon Norino Extension Milano are carried out in a protected environment, inside dedicated cabins, to protect the privacy and in order to make every person comfortable. The staff is very attentive and caring towards the customer who is accompanied during all the treatment of infoltimento so delicate and at the same time very exciting both for her and for the hairdresser. We can say with certainty that with the Hairdreams microline the woman improves are only her own beauty but also the quality of life!

Microline System

Watch the creation of the Hairdreams microline Volume

The Extension Services

The different types of Hairdreams extensions from the Norino Extension Milan Salon

Comfort Hairdreams

Mono-Strand with thermo-elastic polymer: Ideal for invisibility and resistance in time and much loved by those who practice sports or attend gym.

Quikkies Hairdreams

Micro Band Bio-adhesive loved by all customers who do not want to hear shims. Great aesthetic yield and possibility of reuse. Also suitable for very short hair starting from 3 cm.

Leaserbeamer Nano

The latest technological generation system for the application of the extension. Guarantees a super flat and delicate result. Very much appreciated on the hair thin and very thin.


Over 130 real hair variants of the highest quality to extractsand the woman's hair with thinning from modest to severe in the upper part of the head.


High quality real hair thickening to restore volume to slight problems of thinning in young women due to hormonal or post-pregnancy causes.


Real hair of the highest quality able to replicate exactly the effect line for all women who want to approach gradually to the thickening of hair.

Imperial Luxury

The correct name would be pure silk: the hair used is characterised by high quality and brightness. Available only to measure for those who love excellence

Laserbeamer XP

The first conception of the proven laser application system in the world Extension. Ultra thin strands for the utmost delicacy.

Extension Weaving

Textures made entirely to measure with choice of colour, width weaving, hair length, structure (from super straight to 3 intensity of choppy/natural hedgehog).

Extension Clips

Textures of the highest quality made with real hair tailored, loved by those who love DIY and extractsand hairstyles or tails.

Crystal Extension

Extension integrated from Swarovski crystals to make light points to the hair and enhance the foliage with charm and elegance.

Service Specialists

Some application results

Our offer

  • Total or partial color

    Extension - Gloss - Reflex - Flash - Base
  • Extension

    Application - Cutting - Removing
  • Extension weaving

    Application - Removal
  • Extension quikkies

    Application - Cutting - Removing
  • Light shatush

    Root Shadow
  • Extension laser

    Application - Nano – XP – Ultrasound
  • Extension clip

  • Top Up

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