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Loss or thinning hair

Tricology Services

In collaboration with the dermatologist we start from the identification of the causes that involve the loss or thinning of the hair

The Salon Norino Extension Milano specializes in the delivery of innovative tricology services managed in collaboration with dermatologist and nutritionist. The services respond in a natural and delicate way to all the problems concerning the fall of the hair of men or women both at the temporary level (example: pregnant women or for reasons of stress) or permanent (alopecia or hereditary factors).

Depending on the situation of the customer it is possible to activate Microlines systems or to apply a treatment based on the use of Stop & Grow products. The basis of each treatment starts with a careful analysis of the scalp’s health. Depending on the causes of loss or thinning, it is possible to identify the suitable treatment aimed at producing a natural result of thickening and greater volume.

The cases of intervention

Female Alopecia

Alopecia is a phenomenon that always affects the female universe more frequently. The causes of female alopecia can be multiple and often also refer to concatenating factors such as stress, hormonal problems, pharmacological therapies or genetic factors. The symptoms of female baldness present a progressive thinning of the hair in the central region of the head that makes the scalp visible.

The cases of intervention

Male Alopecia

Male alopecia is a non-debilitating disease that usually affects humans around the age of 30. It is a phenomenon often caused by a concomitance of factors that usually refer to the presence of androgen hormones coupled with a situation of genetic predisposition. It should not be underestimated also the food aspect or the stressful situations that can often lead to the occurrence of thinning phenomena or loss of the Capelluta hair.



A Hairdreams product


The MicroLines system (Microline) is a treatment aimed at favouring the natural bulkiness of hair in even critical thinning situations.

The microline is composed of a special microfibre network to which real hair is attached that integrates with the natural ones… Before carrying out the treatment a study is carried out on the color, length and structure of the hair of the customer in order to promote a natural result that prevents the creation of a detachment between the integrated hair and the pre-existing ones.

The integrated hair can be used for several months and become an integral part of the new hairstyle without representing an obstacle to the normal habits of the customer.

A Hairdreams product


The “Stop & Grow” system introduced by Hairdreams is an innovative capillary regeneration method capable of achieving very satisfactory results in the treatment of alopecia over a period of less than three months.

The treatment is based on a careful analysis of the state of health of the hair carried out in collaboration with the dermatologist. The following phase foresees a purification phase, managed inside the salon, of the scalp aimed at freeing the follicles from any impurities.

The latter will therefore be able to accept the active ingredient PHT COMPLEX stimulating the cellular division aimed at awakening the dormant hair follicles for a production of new strong and healthy hairs.


Capillary prosthesis

According to the type of Alopecia it is possible to use the Microlines System treatment of Hairdreams that provides a delicate integration of natural hair without aggressive stimuli usually present in adhesives and solvents.

The hair used in the treatment will be selected qualitatively also according to the chromatic characteristics and the structure of the pre-existing hair. The use of special 3T IONIX dermobandages (medical device) avoids the use of adhesives and solvents.

Every 25 days the customer goes to the salon to carry out a phase of hygienic cleaning on the system and for the change of the membrane. The customer during the treatment can lead a normal daily life as if he had natural hair.

The Extension Services

Hairdreams technology to cope with the problems of thinning and hair loss


Over 130 real hair variants of the highest quality to extractsand the woman's hair with thinning from modest to severe in the upper part of the head.


High quality real hair thickening to restore volume to slight problems of thinning in young women due to hormonal or post-pregnancy causes


Real hair of the highest quality able to replicate exactly the effect line for all women who want to approach gradually to the thickening of hair.

Med Wig

Tailor-made solution that involves wrapping with hair of the highest quality for the woman affected by total alopecia.

Volume Folium

Step by step solution, made with real hair of the highest quality and suitable for men with thinning or androgenic alopecia.

3T Ionix Membrane

Transparent, breathable and intelligent 3T Ionix membrane for the application of capillary prostheses without the use of adhesives. It absorbs and drains, causing the sweat to come out without letting the water in.

Service Specialists

Some application results

Our offer

  • Microlines

    Application - Fold - Cut
  • Membranes

    Application - Displacement Change - Hygienic phase
  • 3T Total

    Application - Color - Cut - Fold
  • Welness

    Cut - Fold - Tailoring (change Size) - Hygienic phase
  • Microline Regeneration

    30% - 50% - Rapprochement - Top up
  • 3T Partial

    Application - Color - Cut - Fold (blowdrying)
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