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Account manager


Hairstylist - extensionist - microlines

Account Manager

Ramona loves beauty in every form and especially loves being a WOMAN. A perfectionist of nature devotes great attention to details that enhance beauty. She is entrusted with the delicate task of enhancing femininity in the customers of the salon Norino Extension Milano. In order to satisfy the hidden desire of every woman is always looking for the best that offers fashion and the latest trends. Begins the training course in Pisa at the center of Tuscany Hairstylers, but the passion for work and the desire to improve the door to Milan in the capital of fashion. He attends the academies Davines L'Oreal and Sicurmed and stands out deservedly at the academy Hairdreams where he begins a path of growth together with Norino that at the great international event of Graz the door to climb on the 1st podium Hairdreams Open 2017.


Consulting and application Extension 0
Consulting and Application Microline 0
3T Consulting and application 0
Advice and Application Pink Dot 0
Consulting and color Application 0
Cutting Consultancy and stylist 0
Counseling Contouring 0
Fold and hairstyle 0

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Grow professionally and personally in an excellent, stimulating and cutting-edge environment

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Who Stops is lost

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