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Norino Extension Milan

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How much does the extension cost?

We understand the question “how much does the extension cost?”, especially for our many customers who call us from afar or from outside the region to know how much the extensions cost.

Answering by phone is often impossible and we explain why!

In order to guarantee a beautiful, invisible and safe application result, our method of working requires that the customer come to the salon for a free consultancy where:

  • We listen to his desire for extension and hair thickening;
  • We look at the health of the skin and hair;
  • We evaluate aspects such as the length, the volume, the type of hair;
  • We analyze the structure and the hair color;
  • We understand his lifestyle, his work, his usual look;
  • We analyze the reasons why you want the extension or the hair thickening service.

Once the first phase of preliminary analysis is finished, we immediately start to work by carrying out a Contouring aimed at analyzing the morphology of the face, the complexion, the color of the eyes, and the physical height.

The collection of all this information allows us to outline an extremely personalized service where we recommend the methods, length and the right amount of extension to apply. At the same time the customer can touch the softness of the hair in order to adequately perceive the high quality of the extensions we apply.

All extension estimates are always looking for the solution to offer a good value for money and as we love to say.

The prices are not from out of the head, coffee and advice we offer them willingly…

In the salon Norino Extension Milano you will always find available:

  • 15 different methods of application.
  • 130 variants of volumes, type Microline, Top Hair, Haighlines.
  • 86 Color Nuance
  • Lengths ranging from 20 to 60 cm
  • Virgin hair of the highest quality of European or Indian origin
  • 3 Qualitative selections: 5 STARS-7 STARS-IMPERIAL
  • Structures, ranging from: Super-Straight to 3 different intensities of natural blur, including the Hedgehog.

The extensions involve the use of real hair of high quality that of course you can color, lighten, personalize with each service form. We also offer a lot of personalized variants that obviously can be studied and made to measure.

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